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MesajSubiect: AtlasQuest   Sam Dec 22, 2007 4:31 pm

AtlasQuest Version 3.20.55
If you find any MISTAKES/BUGS or TYPOS pls tell me and I will fix them as best as I can.
If you have some good ideas about upcoming features or problems with the current version please dont hesitate to post in the comments or contact me.

What is AtlasQuest?

AtlasQuest (or AQ) is a Plugin for the famous Addon Atlas. AQ shows you information about quests for the selected instace.
+ AtlasQuest shows you the Story about this Instance!! (Information taken from the official wow site)
+ AtlasQuest is now compatible with AlphaMap. Atlas is not needed to use it.
+ (NEW) AtlasQuest shows now inforamtion about boss abilities in TBC.(only en and HC: BF and Ramparts added)

Shown Information:
- Questname
- Questlevel
- Quest Reward
- Where you can get the quest (+coordinates)
- Quest-aim
- Level you need to accept the Quest
- The Quest which follow after this Quest

Questicons are shown on the AtlasQuest panel next to the Quests.
There are 2 possible questicons:
1. A Bubble. The bubble shows you that this quest has a prequest.
2. An Arrow. The Arrow shows you that the quest above this quest is the prequest.

type /atlasquest [command] or /aq [command]
show/hide -- shows/hides the atlasquest panel
left/right -- show the atlasquest panel on the right or left side (left default)
autoshow -- set whether the atlasquest panel is shown with atlas or not (yes default)

Other features:
- AQ checks on your faction and shows the right Panel
- AQ autohides the AQ panel if you watch the flightmap/instance maps
- Starts with atlas
- /aq or /atlasquest to see the version and show the AQpanel
- Works with Atlasloot Enhanced
- AQ autohides atlasloot when you open a quest
- linking Items with shift + click NEW
- linking Quests with shift + click NEW

*You should use a mod to show you the coordinates ( like This will help you to find the point where a quest start.*

- more maps + translation
- option to see the the whole questline + move to next quest in line
- t0.5 questline/ ony key line
- all class Quests
- Tooltips

add your own comments to quests


French (Sirlefou(VC)) ? :/
Chinese (DIY)

Thx to
Dan (for atlas Smile)
Daviesh (for atlasloot enhanced)
DIY ( Chinese translation)
Teclic (AlphaMap)

Citat :
Patch Notes

Version: 3.20.55
3 = Main Code/Idea/big change
20 = Instances added
55 = code ( if i change some unimporten or small things this will arise)

Version 3.20.55
- added LBRS (en + ger)
- added UBRS (en + ger)
- added DM (en + ger)
- fixed cords in the The Orb of Soran'ruk quest (en + ger) thx Hamderbob
- changed toc to 20000 (full BC compatible)
- changed/improved description of Aurius' Reckoning(strat). (en + ger)
- changed/improved description of Doctor Theolen Krastinov, the Butcher(scholo). (en + ger)
- fixed for atlas 1.8.6 beta
- fixed/added Atlas_OnShow hook (thx Dan Smile)
- added abilitie description for the bosses in HC (ramparts and blood furnage). Click on the instance name to see it.
- added HC:ramparts and Blood furnage (only en).
- some code improvments (small)
(the HC part is more beta then finished. I'll add more later.)

Known Bugs with this version


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