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 Nymbia's Perl Unitframes

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MesajSubiect: Nymbia's Perl Unitframes   Sam Dec 22, 2007 4:47 pm

Mod no longer in development

Should be working for 1.10, let me know.
A modification of Perl's original unitframes, found here:

I made many major modifications, including basic display options through slash commands, mob HP support thanks to MobHealth2, distance to target and party members thanks to MapLibrary, and CastParty compatibility, as well as a target-of-target frame, party pet frames, raid member frames, raid warrior target frames, and raid pet frames.

Basic options can be accessed through /perl basichelp.

A modification of Perl's original unitframes, found here:

NOTE: If you have the original Blizzard party frames showing, you are experiencing a bug with CT_RaidAssist. Go to the CT_Raid options and check 'Hide Party' and 'Hide Party When In Raid'.

Optional Dependancies

Druidbar Supported

MobHealth required for showing Mob HP, CastParty and Druidbar supported.

Mod no longer in development

Citat :
Patch Notes

Fixed RegisterForSave() error
Fixed SpellIsTargeting() error.. yay for undocumented patch changes! >.<
Updated toc for 1.10.0 patch

Fixed Perl_Party.lua nil errors

Fixed Raid frame clicking issues
Implemented what I hope will be a fix for the weird errors some people are having with Perl_Player.lua:70. These errors are not caused by my mod or the default UI, and I could never recreate them, but hopefully this will fix them. They seem to be caused by titanpanel or something related to it (and the fact that the errors are coming up at all implies some pretty bad coding on their part)

lets not talk about it.

Minor fixes for patch 1.11
Fixed Right Click menus on party members

Added support for raid leader targeting system in 1.11 (WARNING: MAY CAUSE ERRORS WHEN RIGHT CLICKING ENEMY TARGET'S UNITFRAMES PRE-1.11)

Known Bugs with this version

No known issues

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Nymbia's Perl Unitframes
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