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From the docs:
Getting Started with FlexBar

Introduction: Flexbar provides 120 buttons that can be moved, scaled, shaded, hidden, shown and alpha blended completely independently of one another. This allows you to put just as many buttons as you need, just where you need.

In additon to basic extra bar functionality, FlexBar employs an event (think trigger) / action (command) architecture. It is constantly keeping track of the status of a wide number of things from your buffs to your health to whether you have a target or not. When it detects a change in these it raise an event that you can have a command respond to - such as showing your overpower button when your opponent dodges.

And much more - please see the FlexBar Docs/_Table of Contents_.htm in the FlexBar folder

Also of note is that FlexBar has been taken over by a team of developers that you can find here:

Citat :
Patch Notes

Release 1.6.1 - Patch 1.12 fixes

- Changed toc for 1.12 patch
- Changed the way itemcount is handled
- Fixing a mysterious nil error
- Button dragging is now *much* smoother
- Changed the format of %cd, as the old format was a bit too long
- Changed %cd, it was too long and would sometimes not fit
- Added more debug stuff
- Added debug info for FlexBar_OnEvent
- Updated a typo in debug text
- Added instructions for the %tc and %itemcount textsubs
- Added a debug message when theorycraft updates. Fixed a bug with theorycraft text subsitutions not showing up
- Fixed bug with resetall. Fixed bug with %tc and %itemcount text subsitutions not updating as soon as they were set
- Stopped using the time variable, as its a functions some addons use :s
- Used FlexbarScanningTooltip instead of FlexbarTooltip for tooltip scanning because of bugs that may occure in 1.11 scanning hidden tooltips
- Added a scanningtooltip to the xml file, using it to find out what spell is on what button (and set the keybinding section accordingly)
- This is a major change in the Utility Classes. This change encompasses Variable expansion and Expression evaluation.
- Moved some functions to the helpfunctions file, also now the name of the spell appears in the keybindings tab
- Moved some functions to the helpfunctions file, also now the name of the spell appears in the keybindings tab
- Removed the %tc and %itemcount sections in textsub, they're not needed and just lag the interface
- Updated TOC file with the latest information interface number to 11100 and version to 1.6
- Modifications made for itemcount, theorycraft and cooldown text substitutions, adds about 0.1sec loading time to flexbar with theorycraft text set on all 120 buttons

Known Bugs with this version

- AltSelfCast breaks Flexbar
- SuperMacro breaks Flexbar

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