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GypsyMod Version: 0.90
Blizzard Version: 1800
Compatible: North American & European Clients
Translation: English, German, French

GypsyMod is a 100% modular World of Warcraft interface ADD-ON. The GypsyMod package consists at the time of this writing of 5 seperate AddOns, all of which can work alone or integrated. Our AddOns will play nicely with any foreign AddOns except for in a few cases where the foreign AddOn is doing something similar to GypsyMod; even then, most of the time it will not cause problems.

With all of that said, GypsyMod is an INTERFACE modification, not some programmer's plaything. It has been designed with usability and efficiency at the foremost of considerations. The default interface is lacking in these areas to put it lightly. For instance, Blizzard's interface features almost NOTHING in personalization options. GypsyMod provides lockable movement functions for every persistant non-movable screen item but the minimap!

Main GypsyMod Features

Draggable Screen Elements - GypsyMod Capsules allow the user to drag and place every persistant screen element but the minimap wherever they like. This includes the player, target, and party bars, the action bar, player buffs, and the casting bar. Each of these elements becomes movable by moving the cursor over them and dragging the tab that appears. Our Capsules are also lockable, preventing the capsule from popping up when you hover over it with your mouse, and subsquently locking the screen item in place.
Options - When using the entire GypsyMod package, enjoy the benefits of a central options menu to control the many available options. When using stand-alone add-ons slash commands allow all the same functionality.
Improved Info Display - GypsyMod adds vital information displays to various areas of the screen. The player frame has a large colored text display for health, health percentage, mana, and experience, and the party frames all have large health text displays. The player buffs and debuffs display their name and duration.

Improved Action Bar - The GypsyMod HotBar removes the space-hogging default action bar art, experience bar, lag meter, and menu buttons. At the same time it adds 17 action buttons and the ability to make the bar quickly change page when you hold down a key, and change back when you let go, allowing for quick access of a full 24 additional action buttons.

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GypsyMod 0.90
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