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Remember the sell price for items when not at the merchant.

Quick Start

Unzip the contents of the zip archive into your WoW game directory.
Make sure you 'Use folder names' so the files end up in the right
place. You should end up with:

For every item in your inventory when you visit a merchant, that price is
saved and you can refer to it when not at the vendor.

Use /inventorylist or /il to get a list of things in your inventory
and their sell prices. The list should function the same as all
your bags. This can be bound to a key using the Toggle Inventory Sell
List keybinding.

Slash Commands
In addition to using /inventorylist to toggle the frame display
you can also prevent certain items from ever showing up on the
list. For example, my skinning knife, poisons, bandages, etc
which I never want to drop or sell.

/inventorylist hide <itemname>
/inventorylist show <itemname>
/inventorylist list
/inventorylist tooltipmode <mode>
0 = do not show sell value on tooltips
1 = show only for things not on the hidden list
2 = show for all items

Note that itemname is CASE-SENSITIVE!

Thanks to sarf (Azam) for writing the original SellValue code.
Thanks to vjeux for removing the GameTooltip override requirement.
Thanks to Malkai for pointing out there is a MERCHANT_SHOW event and the
'No Sell Price' idea.
Thanks to Hawkes for narrowing down the scrolling tooltip problem.
Thanks to Telo for figuring out that the CLEAR_TOOLTIP event sucks.
Thanks to Angarth for suggesting new CLEAR_TOOLTIP behavior.
Thanks to Juki for providing French localization.
Thanks to Zett for providing German localization.
Thanks to Snuggles@Hyjal for the excellent suffix-agnostic sell value idea.
Citat :

Patch Notes

42 - Interface version 20003.
41 - Fix for not properly shortening German localized item names.

Known Bugs with this version

No known issues

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