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 GroupCalendar v3.2.3

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A NOTE ABOUT UPGRADING TO 3.0: Whenever upgrading addons, especially major upgrades, always quit from WoW before updating. Attempting to update addons live using in-game 'reloadui' commands may cause addons to generate error messages or addon textures to display as bright green squares.

GroupCalendar allows guilds or groups of friends to share an in-game event calendar. The guild can post raid events and members can post events for dungeons they need to do quests for. Additionally, players can provide feedback to the event's sponsor saying that they will or won't be attending an event.

Once installed GroupCalendar replaces the minimap current time tooltip and sun & moon icon. This can be used to open the UI or it can be opened using the /calendar command.

New features in 3.0:

- Support for guild addon data channel
- Simplified setup and security
- New event types for doctor, dentist and vacation (doctor and dentist are not shared with the network)
- Notification for new events (minimap button and dates flash when they have new events)
- New tooltip for each date shows a summary of events for that day
- New tooltip for each event shows an attendance summary
- Events can now be created as 'closed' which won't allow signups and players can only be added manually (or the event can be opened later)
- Reminders for events are given at 60, 30, 15, 5, and 1 minute before start time as well as at start time
- Calendar can be set to start the week on a Monday (use '/calendar mon' command)
- Events can now be restricted to members of the your own guild in multi-guild alliances
- Players can now be manually added as 'not attending'
- Minimap icon changes to an upcoming event one hour before the event starts
- Compatible with The Burning Crusade expansion

Mod no longer in development

Citat :
Patch Notes

v3.2.3 Changes

- The '/calendar 12h' command now works correctly
- Updated Primal Mooncloth, Spellcloth and Shadowcloth for German
- Fixed a bug which could cause event/cooldown reminders to reappear much more frequently than intended
- Added '/calendar reminder [off|on]' command to disable reminders completely if desired

v3.2.2 Changes

- Corrected analog clock display for 24H locales

v3.2.1 changes:

- Added '/calendar clock [off|local|server|auto]' command for controlling the minimap clock display

v3.2 Changes

- Added support for Spellcloth, Shadowcloth and Primal Mooncloth
- New events for Holiday (shared event) and Other (personal event)
- Added support for new alchemy transmutes
- Added dungeon reset event for Karazhan
- Doctor, Dentist, Vacation and Other are now in their own Personal sub-menus
- Flashing date button for new events is brighter for better visibility
- 'Guild members only' option is no longer displayed on personal events
- Reminders work correctly when there is only one upcoming event
- Alert for tradeskill cooldowns no longer start over after using that tradeskill
- Auto-inviting players to a 5-man dungeon should no longer cause conversion to a raid
- Disabled reminders for birthdays
- Calendar button now show current time
- Updated German translation

v3.1 Changes

- Added event types for Burning Crusade dungeons and PvP
- Tab key now works correctly in the class limits dialog
- Shaman and Paladin classes are now shown for both factions
- The Whisper button in the Add Player dialog now works under patch 2.0
- Users making attendance changes will be reminded that they should wait before logging off
- Updated French translation
- Auto-config data is written correctly when the guild information panel is too full

Known Bugs with this version

No known issues

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GroupCalendar v3.2.3
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