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 Decursive 1.9.4

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This is a cleaning mod. Its job it to help a class that can remove debuffs, do it with ease. Load the mod, bind a key (or create a macro �/decursive�) and run, no further configuration or editing needed, it auto configures. Run the mod when ever you wish to cleanse a status ailment, or even think one might be on your target, party, or even raid party, if nothing is cleaned, there is no penalty or cool down.

Currently Decursive is configured to automatically select Druid, Priest, Mage, Paladin, Shaman, Felhunter, and Doomguard cleansing spells. The spell choice is done intelligently, only casting the level or specific version needed, saving mana. Items might be added in the future. If you are a warlock, 'Range' is not checked with your felhunter or doomguard

When you do a cleanse, the following logic is run
* Check target for curable effect, cure if found
* Check priority list (in order) for curable effect, cure if found
* Check self for curable effect, cure if found
* Check party members for curable effect, cure if found
* Check raid members for curable effect, cure if found
* Check pet for curable effect, cure if found (for future felhunters)
* Check party and then raid pets for curable effect, cure if found
(If you are not in a party, or not in a raid, it will skip the party and raid sections)

If after all of this, if nothing is found it will say �Nothing cleaned� in the system window. If it is unable to target someone it will say so in the system window. When it tries to clean an ailment, it will say so in the system window. If the user is under the effect of an Abolish Poison/Disease it will not further cast remove poison or disease, it will instead skip them and keep searching.

To show the priority list UI type (prefered)
to print out the current list type
to manually add your target type
to empty the list type
The priority list is new. I will have more about it later.

If the mod tries to cast a curable effect on a party member, but it fails (not in line of sight, etc), it will then put that unit on a blacklist for three seconds. Being on the blacklist means you get cured last. This is to keep Decursive from getting 'stuck' on a player who is out of range/behind a wall, etc. I am going to try to adjust this to only account for LoS... but right now silence on the caster would count for a blacklist.

If the mod comes across an ignorable ailment, it prints what it is and who it is on, but then moves on. As I get more ignorable ailments I will add them to the internal arrays.

For checking range, Decursive will scan your action buttons (1-120) for a curable spell (any) and use that to gauge for range... all you need is one of your curable spells on any action button... does not matter where... it can be a hidden action bar... as long as its somewhere.

This is not a client/server setup... only the curing classes need to have this mod, nothing is required for a recipient.

Need Korean translations
Add level check for abolish and pally high end spell
Add Items� anti-poison and the lemon wipes
Add a 'Needs Debuffing List' showing the order fo the debuffing (allows you to skip ahead... needs UI work)

Mod no longer in development

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Patch Notes

Version 1.2.7
More bugs fixed

Version 1.2.6
Fixed a bug or two

Version 1.2.5
Updated to current patch
Updated the amount of debuffs to 16
Changed the spellbook logic
Removed arlock support until it can be tested more

Known Bugs with this version

No known issues

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Decursive 1.9.4
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