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Auctioneer homepage at:

Auctioneer forums at:

Please use the Auctioneer forums for posting question, comments, discussion or if u need support. The comment board below is not guarenteed to be monitored.

What is Auctioneer?
This plugin provides you with in-game data on data that is collated by you at the auction house. You trigger the data gathering by either clicking the 'Scan' button on the main page of the Auction House, or by typing '/auctioneer scan' manually.

It provides you with methods to identify the bargains at the auction house (the percentless and bidbroker commands) by identifying price trends and then finding items that will buyout or bidout for less than the trend data suggests should be it's correct price. By identifying these items, you can play the market. Buying low and then relisting at the market norm.

This plugin also provides you with a database of vendor buy and sell prices, what professions will use the item and stack sizes for a relativly large set (about 7000) of common in-game items. This data is presented when you mouse over an item, and the tooltip appears (Yes, even when looting)

I would like to personally thank Araband for the massive amount of work that he did getting this new version of Auctioneer out, and I fear that without his help, you would not be seeing such a great product as it is today.

I would also like to thank the many people who helped with the beta's bug testing, and numerous suggestions for improvements. We really appreciate the work that you've all done with the testing and appreciate you taking the time out to give us the feedback that we needed to make this release as good as it is. I know I speak for both Araband and myself when I say we couldn't have done as well without you!

What's new in 3.2?

Auctioneer now needs a lot less memory due to an improved data storage format, unfortunatly the old and new data format are not the same, Auctioneer will however automatically convert your data upon first use of the 3.2.0 version. You should probably save (backup) your WTFAccountACCOUNTSavedVariablesAuctioneer.lua somewhere safe just in case.

The main features to look for in this version are:

Reduced memory consumption.
Load-on-demand (for even less memory consumption when you aren't using it)
Improved auction scanning code.
Improved localizations.
A plethora of requested (and some unrequested) features.
Many fixed bugs.

If Informant isn't loaded, then you will not see information such as vendor information, item classifications, usages etc.

It also supplies some necessary functionality to the addons, such as function hooking routines.

Delete it if you don't want it.

Citat :
Patch Notes

=Auctioneer AddOns Change log for 3.6.1 - 3.8=


===Changes in the interface:===
*Auctioneer will now call Itemizer’s Itemizer.Core.ProcessLinks() function, if its available during Auctioneer’s scan process.
*Auctioneer no longer uses the deprecated 'for k, v in someTable do stuff end' construct, instead it now uses the 'for k, v in {i}pairs(someTable) do stuff end' construct.
*Auctioneer now uses table.insert() whenever possible instead of inserting values manually.
*The '/auctioneer help' command is now formatted more cleanly at the expense of real estate on the Chat Frame.
*Uncommented the '/auctioneer auction-duration' help line from the '/auctioneer help' output as the bug that pertained to this line has apparently been fixed.

===New Features:===
*Added API functions to query the scan age, and the amount of time the last scan took. Both of these functions return values in seconds.
*A helper function has been added to Auctioneer to simplify the translation of values in seconds to its component weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.
*Added an API function to request an AH scan by Auctioneer.
*New '/auctioneer finish-sound (on|off|toggle)' command that when enabled will play a sound at the completion of the current Auction House scan. Note: This feature is default on. Also note that the sound used was created by Blizzard and not by the Auctioneer AddOns team.
*AskPrice now supports queries made by the raid leader.
*New '/auctioneer askprice whispers (on|off|toggle)' that when enabled will hide all outgoing AskPrice generated whispers.
*New '/auctioneer askprice word # (customSmartWord)' that enables custom SmartWords to be defined for AskPrice. Note that these custom SmartWords work alongside the built-in ones and do not replace them.
*A new Auctioneer.AskPrice.SendWhisper(text, player) function has been added that will send a whispered text to the specified player in the standard language for your faction (Common or Orcish). This function also adds the message to the list outgoing whispers to hide from if the user has that feature enabled.

===Bug Fixes:===
*The Khaos selection box for the '/auctioneer finish' command will no longer show a fourth empty and invalid option.
*The long standing bug that prevented the use of the saved searches feature for item name searches has been fixed.


===Bug Fixes:===
*Enchantrix’s Barker feature should now correctly detect all current Auctioneer versions.
*Enchantrix’s Barker feature should now supports frost and nature resist cloak enchants.
*Enchantrix’s '/enchantrix clear (all|itemLink)' function now works correctly.


===Changes in the interface:===
*EnhTooltip now resizes the tooltip directly instead of modifying the width of the first line.

==All AddOns:==

===Changes in the interface:===
*The TOC files for all AddOns have been cleaned so that they produce less spam on the FrameXML.log file.
*All of the strings files show the section of the Localizer website a specific set of translations can be found.
===Numerous other bug fixes and enhancements that you probably won’t even notice.===

I would also like to point out that while the Auctioneer AddOns package is available for download from all four of the major UI mod websites, support is only given thru our official website, forums and IRC channel. Their addresses follow:

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Auctioneer v4.0.0
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